Realize the specialist difference. Unlike meter manufacturers and generalist providers, we specialize in workforce management solutions and field installation and maintenance operations. You benefit from our total focus on project optimization through the use of custom-built software and expert services.


Managing field technicians has historically involved three challenges: geography, logistics, and process. The ProField platform addresses each of these challenges with a custom forced-march and fault-resistant process designed to improve safety and quality. It integrates GPS, wireless communications, digital imagery, real-time communications, and reporting to connect people and resources — and connects the many moving parts of field projects to improve efficiency. We also offer solutions to help with meter deployments and post-rollout meter maintenance.

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Focus leads to excellence. We excel in providing services and developing solutions for smart meter replacements and network equipment installation. We offer targeted consulting, project management, staffing, and software for all aspects of smart grid projects – from project management and scaling technologies to transition planning and data management for the electric, gas, and water sectors.

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We provide utilities with powerful software to help solve difficult challenges and avoid common pitfalls in smart grid deployments. Our team of software developers, utility industry experts, and business process experts collectively bring the deep expertise and holistic view needed to anticipate and eliminate problems. We build this knowledge straight into our products via innovative features custom-designed for utility field services, offering concrete return on investment.

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