March 25, 2015

ProField® Delivers Astounding Results for CPFL Energia

HERNDON, Va. – March 25, 2015 Apex CoVantage, a global provider of smart grid technology and services, reported today the outstanding results achieved on a pilot project recently completed by CPFL staff in Sorocaba, Brazil.

The pilot, which wrapped in December 2014, was intended to demonstrate if CPFL could increase the productivity of its staff to 7 meter replacements per day, compared to the 4-6 per day being achieved without ProField.

In fact, the results were strikingly better. Using Apex’s award-winning ProField software, CPFL staff achieved a productivity of almost 18 meter replacements per day within 7 days, representing a 300% increase in productivity.

CPFL attributed this productivity gain to two key features: ProField’s real-time communications and its use of forced-march workflowsTM.

“ProField far exceeded our expectations,” said Eduardo Caldas, CPFL Energia. “Staff productivity increased almost three times within a few days, and our management team has especially enjoyed the access of real-time field work status.”


About Apex Smart Grid Solutions

Apex Smart Grid Solutions is the developer of ProField®, the award-winning mobile workforce management technology used for Smart Metering deployments .ProField is the industry’s only integrated solution for mobile workforce management, easing the road to smart grid for utilities by effectively managing AMI rollouts — ensuring safety, reliability, on-time completion, and enhancing customer engagement. Apex licenses ProField around the world and also utilizes the technology for its own meter replacement and network equipment installation services for electric, water, and gas utilities.

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