June 28, 2016

ProField Technology Facilitates Early Completion of Kenergy Corp’s Smart Meter Deployment

HERNDON, VA – June 28, 2016Smart Grid Solutions (SGS), a leading provider of software and services for smart meter deployments, today announced the early completion of the installation of enhanced AMI meters for Kenergy Corp, an electric distribution cooperative in western Kentucky.

“Because Kenergy historically leveraged mail-in reads instead of traditional meter readers, they didn’t have established route sequences like most utilities,” says SGS Project Manager Joe Kokol. “Using ProFieldMETER’s DayRoute module, we were able to optimize the routes assigned to the installers and complete the project two months early.”

ProFieldMETER is the award-winning fully integrated enterprise resource planning platform for mobile workforce optimization. ProField effectively manages AMI rollouts by increasing data quality, ensuring safety, and yielding up to a 50% increase in productivity while enhancing customer engagement.

“We were impressed with how SGS handled safety with regard to the project, and very pleased with the ProField software and installation processes put in place and utilized by SGS,” said Kenneth Stock, Vice President of Operations at Kenergy Corp. “Completing the project ahead of schedule was a great finish to a successful smart meter deployment.”


About Smart Grid Solutions

Smart Grid Solutions is the developer of ProField®, the award-winning mobile workforce management technology used for smart grid deployments. ProField is the industry’s only integrated solution for mobile workforce management, easing the road to the smart grid for utilities by effectively managing AMI rollouts — ensuring safety, reliability, on-time completion, and enhancing customer engagement. Smart Grid Solutions licenses ProField around the world and also utilizes the technology for its own meter replacement and network equipment installation services for electric, water, and gas utilities.


Stephanie Eade
Director of Marketing
Smart Grid Solutions

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