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Webinar: ProFieldENCORE: Bring Meter Field Maintenance Into the Office

Struggling to maintain smart meters after an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) rollout? This webinar will help you determine if work order management is the solution your utility has been looking for.

In less than one hour, smart grid expert Chris Kilroy covers:

  • Why it’s important to select a workforce management platform that easily interfaces with a range of common utility information systems, such as work order or asset management, without duplicating existing systems or requiring them to be replaced.
  • How ProFieldENCORE can be integrated via multiple points with legacy utility systems using its built-in application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • How real-time tracking capabilities, wireless capabilities, and GPS can greatly increase the efficiency and transparency of your maintenance efforts.

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About the presenter:

Smart Grid Solutions is the developer of ProField, the award-winning mobile workforce management technology used for smart metering deployments. ProField is the industry’s only integrated solution for mobile workforce management, easing the road to the smart grid for utilities by effectively managing AMI rollouts — ensuring safety, reliability, on-time completion, and enhancing customer engagement. Smart Grid Solutions licenses ProField around the world and also utilizes the technology for its own meter replacement and network equipment installation services for electric, water, and gas utilities.

Chris Kilroy is a technology expert with many years of experience in enterprise solutions. Mr. Kilroy has over a decade of technical sales and large account management experience. Prior to joining Smart Grid Solutions, Mr. Kilroy was in the telecommunications sector, managing high profile clients and supporting large-scale deployments of networking technology.

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