We create client-focused solutions for tomorrow’s smart grid. Different sectors of the utility industry face unique challenges for adopting advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). Realize maximum ROI with our deep industry expertise, holistic perspective, and custom-designed software solutions.


The electric sector has seen the rollout of AMI on a large scale globally over the past 10 years. Whether helped by grants or compelled by regulation, additional drivers for AMI rollouts vary by geography and include the search for operational efficiencies in the U.S. and Japan; environmental concerns in Australia, Canada, and Europe; and the privatization of utilities and energy theft in Africa, the Middle East, and South America. AMI has proven an effective solution to each of these drivers.

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While similar to the electric sector in many ways, the gas sector faces its own set of challenges. These include the volatile price of natural gas, environmental challenges both natural and manmade, and an aging infrastructure and workforce. AMI helps to ease some of the pressures from these challenges. Smart meters enable utilities to implement demand management and energy efficiency programs to incentivize consumers to reduce and/or shift energy consumption. Smart grid components, such as sensors, help to detect maintenance issues and alert staff in a timely manner, allowing for efficient maintenance of infrastructure.

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The water sector’s smart grid programs have not enjoyed the widespread publicity of the electric and gas sectors’ initiatives. But the challenges are just as daunting. According to a United Nations Environment Programme report, the human demand for water will exceed its supply by 40% globally in 2030 if corrective actions are not taken. Water utilities’ major challenges include water scarcity, water loss, and – in the U.S. and other developed countries – an aging infrastructure and workforce. AMI can help in each of these areas, improving the conservation of water through demand management, notification of malfunctions in distributed infrastructure, and highly automated operation of meters.

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